Worst Bollywood movies according to IMDB Ratings

In these days, Bollywood is improving its quality in content. But there are still some movies in past 10-15 years. Which are rated very poor by users on IMDB database. There are many movies in Bollywood, which are simply wastage of money and time for audience. There are unnecessary characters in these film which makes no sense why the director used them. Here is a list of movies that made it to the worst 10 movies in Bollywood movies according to IMDB ratings.


Love Story 2050

Some love stories aren’t meant to be told. It’s like a 90-minute teen romantic comedy and a 90-minute Sci-Fi/Action flick pasted together. Every character is incredibly annoying and useless. Harman Baweja tried his best to look like Hrithik Roshan and dance like HR and i guess he did a pretty good job doing that. But his acting was not so good.



One of the most irritating movie of all time. This movie combines all Indian Movie scenes copied in one film which makes it a total mixture or call it Mix Bhel. It lacks story line that would inherently support the intended comedy.



Drona=Rona. Drona failed to generate any kind of interest right from the start till last scenes. Both the writer and director seem to be confused in what to make, a fantasy movie, a super hero movie or a super girl movie. Talented actor Kay Kay is wasted in this complete movie.


Saawan… The Love Season

How do I describe this? The script, acting, direction, music, choreography were pathetic with no dimensions. Salman Khan and Jonny Lever were included only for star appeal, they were given nothing to work with except stupidity. I think Salman took the role just for the fancy hair.



KARZZZZ on the audiences. Watch out for the song “Ta Ta Tana tandoori nights” and make sure that you are not eating anything at the same time as it may just make you laugh and threw it all out and create problems with the neighbor person. This movie includesbad acting, some terrible dialogue, strange lyrics songs.


Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag

The worst remake ever. Amitabh Bachchan tries best to save the movie but the weak script coupled with pathetic direction ends up disaster movie. There are plenty of laughable scenes in this pathetic movie.



It competes with Sajid Khan’s Himmatwala. The director pokes fun at himself by having Satish Shah torture Saif and Ritiesh showing Himmatwala. There is no single comic scenes which enables your laughing sense. Sajid Khan’s movies had and never will work even if you uses “H” in his future movies.


Chatur Singh Two Star

Chatur singh no star. This movie tries to impersonate Jacques Clouseau but fails to do so. The movie attempts to make you laugh but fails awfully. There is no story and wastage of talents like Sanjay Dutt, Anupam Kher.



One of the most pathetic movie. Awful acting, poor movie plot, and most pathetic thing about this movie is its lead actor KRK. The makers wanted to make movie filled with action, crime, drama and thriller film but ended up making a comedy film indeed. The screenplay is irritating. Action scenes are poorly choreographed and laughable to watch, with hilarious Background music. KRK’s voice in scenes, when he’s getting beaten, shot or even crying is so funny that it makes you think whether DESHDROHI is any film or a spoof.



You have to be a ‘Himmatwala’ to watch “Himmatwala”. This movies is more like a Torture than an Entertainer. The movie touched each and every aspect of boredom. Ajay Devgan disappointed his fans a lot. Presence of Paresh Rawal is ridiculously meaningless.

There are still some movies, which we couldn’t make place in list, Films like Joker, Roy, Action Jackson, Besharam, Shaandar and many more.
Please note that the list is based on IMDB ratings and not on our personal evaluation of the films.

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