Why do you have to do SEO in the future?


SEO in the future

Why do you have to do SEO in the future? What benefits can SEO bring?
The benefits of SEO are:

1 Increase in website traffic
2 Brand and product awareness expansion and image building
3 Provide information in response to search intent to improve subsequent conversions

The issue of whether SEO is cheaper than other marketing methods is not discussed here, because different manufacturers have different methods and strategies for operating SEO, and the content of the plan is also different. The effect of the company’s own operation and the operation of finding an external manufacturer will not be the same. In addition, there are differences in competition and operation difficulty between different industries, websites or keywords, and the content strategies are also different. . However, compared with instant investment ads, the effect of SEO is indeed more continuous.

The importance of SEO?

It is to let customers see you at first glance!
Because your customers are on Google and Yahoo, search products through “keywords”, so when you do a good website SEO, you will…

Master your customers on Google and Yahoo, get orders
Mass exposure more than one million times to enhance brand impression
Can I operate SEO by myself?

Of course, basically, as long as you are willing to take the time to learn, everyone can self-study and execute SEO. The new knowledge and teaching articles provided by Qibao Internet Blog will be a good learning resource for you.

Just as everyone can learn to clean, but there will still be people who hire a cleaning company, operating SEO on their own must also cost time, money and manpower. In addition, SEO actually contains many complicated basic operations. The bigger the development of the website, the higher the workload and complexity of SEO. Professional companies are also rich in the accumulation of tool resources and knowledge, so it is recommended to evaluate their own situation and consider whether to cooperate with professional SEO companies.

Even if it is not implemented by yourself, the website operator should also understand the basic knowledge of SEO, which will be very helpful for choosing the right professional company and subsequent communication.

In addition, everyone should be reminded that, whether it is SEO or outsourcing, SEO requires companies and manufacturers to cooperate with each other!
Qibao will help you simply list the objects and manufacturers that will need to cooperate closely during the implementation of SEO:
Website company (website setup, host maintenance)
Operating unit (product sales, consumer feedback and observation)
Marketing unit (support optimization, update content)
Optimization team (SEO technology execution, strategy formulation)
With the cooperation of each other, the effect of optimization can be more significant!
Why does it take so long to operate SEO?
Because the search engine crawling robot will go to the website to update the data on average in 7 to 14 days, after updating the optimized data, you need to wait for the search engine to update the index database before you can see the ranking change, but according to each Customers have different website constitutions, so the required operation time is not necessarily the same. Some customers have made good rankings after several adjustments by Qibao.

What is the core value of SEO?

I believe that the ultimate goal for most people to implement SEO will be “business opportunities/profits”
Before starting SEO, many customers will want to grab a good ranking of industry characters…
However, based on the SEO operation experience of Qibao engineers, the blind pursuit of large characters and traffic may not bring actual business opportunities.

【Case Studies】
Customers who mainly produce rubber magnets, initially only locked the keyword “magnet”, but the ranking and conversion are still not improving…
Through constant communication between engineers and customers, it is understood that the products of customers are mostly preschool education, stationery type soft magnets.
Compared with the search results of the keyword “magnet”, they are all manufacturers of strong magnets, no wonder SEO is not effective.
After assisting customers to conduct intent analysis and keyword exploration, re-plan the overall operation direction, ranking and traffic are also booming.
Simply using rankings and traffic to define SEO may ignore the core values of SEO: search engine operation rules, user search habits, and at the same time understand the search engine and users, only then have the opportunity to achieve their goals.


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