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Whatsapp is the most popular messaging app these days. This app is easily available of all platform devices. The easy to use interface makes this as the most widely used app because it provides end to end encryption, video calling, and effortless UI. There are plenty of similar apps out there with a lot of unique features and capabilities. Thus, we have listed 10 best alternatives to Whatsapp.


This beautifully designed app comes with end-to-end encryption and multi device support. It supports logging in with multiple accounts, so users can maintain a personal Wire messaging account separate from a Wire business account.


This app comes with very basic features like encryption But lacks video calling and cross-platform support. Overall, Signal Private Messenger is for people who are looking for a simple and secure messaging app. Signal lets you create an account using your mobile number.


Microsoft owned Skype doesn’t need any introduction. It is one of the most reliable App for calling facility. You will have to approve contacts before you can start sending messages. You can make calls to mobile phones and landlines, using your Skype credits.


This has very basic features like photo sharing, group chats, play games with your friends. This app comes with built in browser feature. Kick doesn’t need your phone number to create an account. Kik is a very popular free messaging app among younger generations


With more than 400 million users worldwide, this app is one of the most popular messaging App. It allows you to make free voice and video calls. It offers funny stickers and end to end encryption. Line support timeline feature for better connectivity through media and status updates.


Viber is a VoIP app that allows smartphone users to make free voice and video calls across the world. It is one of the most popular communication apps in certain areas of the world, but it has always overshadowed by Skype and Whatsapp. This app comes with multi-device support feature.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook a lot, then Messenger would be the perfect app for you. It doesn’t require a mobile or email verification to use. All you need to use this application perfectly is a Facebook account. It doesn’t have an end to end encryption, but it has secure chat mode for better privacy.


This app is one of the most under rated app, which comes with beautiful interface design. Recently, it introduced mobile payment feature. You can change the theme for each conversation, to make our chat look beautiful. The best feature about hike is its offline messaging service, in which you can send messages offline without internet connectivity. It has Hidden mode also, which lets users hide specific conversation.


This cloud-based messaging app is promising Whatsapp alternative. It features fast and encrypted messaging service. One can share files of up to 1.5 GB. Telegram is becoming more popular because of Bots feature. This messaging platform requires very light data for sending messages, therefore it can work well on the weak internet as well.

Google Allo

Google Allo is a smart messaging app that relies on the Google Assistant to serve up smart replies. This app comes with functionality that differentiates it from other messaging apps. Allo also provides an incognito mode for private chats for better privacy. The lack of a desktop client is still Allo’s main drawback. Unlike Whatsapp Call, There is no options to make a call to someone on Allo. But still, this app has some unique features that make it to the top of the list.
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There are a ton of other messaging apps that are convenient like Imo, ChatOn, BBM etc. However, if you are looking for an app to replace WhatsApp, the mentioned apps are the best you can use. So, try out these alternatives and let us know your favorite messaging app in the comments section below.

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