What should I do if the mobile phone always sounds


Mobile Phone Always Sounds

Obviously there is no text message, the chat software is also turned off, but the prompt sound is still ringing.

So difficult. Nice unhappy man thinking about his morning while not wanting to get up

I believe that many friends have the same experience. Let me give you an idea. Although the theme of Android phones of different brands is very different, you can try to use this idea to set up.


1 Take Samsung as an example. Other mobile phones can be searched in the settings in a similar way, and the names will not be too different. First, open “Settings”

2 switch devise and tab in the settings interface

3 Find “Accessibility”, find “Vision” on the right, you are right, you are not in “listening”, but in “vision”, click to enter.

4 There is a “Notification Reminder” to close.

5 Next, click into the “Notification Reminder” to see why it sounds every once in a while. Because the system detected an unread notification. But it is very strange, even if you read it, sometimes it still sounds if you don’t turn it off. This function is originally good, but the user experience is too bad for it, so turn it off.

6 In addition, provide a simple way, you can try to search for keywords such as “message”, “notification” and “reminder” in the search box of the magnifying glass icon.

7 The location of the search box may not be the same in different phones. You can find it according to your phone model. It should be emphasized that it is not the search engine of the network, but the search settings or the search box applied in the mobile phone.


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