Virtual reality – A life changing experience

Mankind has made great progress since last 100 years. Technologies are revolutionizing our life by devoting itself to every kind of development. In past year, a game “Need for Speed No Limits VR” was a piece of limelight which stole the attention of many people for the special feature – virtual reality. It is very clear by its name what virtual reality is?

Virtual means near and reality is something experienced real by us (human beings). Our brain has a rich flow of information and everything that we experience is due to sense. We have more senses than our obvious 5 senses, by which we can experience different things. This sensory information is used to make the perception of reality to take interactions. We actually perceive the version of reality that is not actually there.

This is the concept of virtual reality. In short, we can say that virtual reality is the mechanism in which our mind presents sense by taking virtual inputs in some pattern.

Importance of Virtual Reality

But why virtual reality is important? What is the point to explore it? It is a way of using the computer-generated information to create an environment specifically for human interactions and to experience artificial things which are not otherwise possible.

Virtual reality can be used in games, toys, military tools, construction, medical equipment, business, transportation, media, telecommunication, engineering, scientific visualization, fashion, sports, training, visiting sites, etc. we can learn easily with the use of virtual reality by making scenario-based learning. In the medical field, doctors are using distracting tools which keep patients out of fear and anxiety while treating for surgery or tooth related operation.

You can imagine swimming in a vast pool with whales, or view Texas City by helicopter and experience skydiving with the help of virtual reality. This is quite overwhelming to experience such things without even moving a bit.

How is it Changing the Game?

Virtual reality is earth-shattering and inherited in many developments. From military to healthcare, entertainment, and gaming, every field is utilizing the advantages of virtual reality. It is more than a trend now and mobile app development companies are now focusing more on creating virtual reality apps. It is a cogent shift in the delivery of responsive media. Let’s understand how it is changing our lives.

  • Full Sensory Immersion

We use technology to make life easy irrespective of differentiating its type. The ultimate goal of technology is to make people comfortable with it and provide comforts. We can imagine test drive without actually driving the car, hike Mount Everest while sitting at home and take a trip to Singapore. This is called full-sensory immersions.

  • Proving Grounds for Difficult Circumstances

It makes heavy tasks much simpler. This technology is a blossom for military applications where you can find yourself in an unfavorable environment without risking bodily harm, learn surroundings, and prepare yourself for future battles.

Popular Myths about Virtual Reality

VR seems to be more known for its various misconceptions and correlations. Let’s clear the clouds of our mind and accept its reality.

  • Virtual Reality is for Gaming Only

This is the topmost myth about VR because most of the people were unaware of it before and they knew it after the popularity of Pokémon Go. Due to this, they relate VR to gaming only. Also, the gaming zones which provide the virtual experience of playing games is the second popular reason behind this. People should open doors of their mind to see VR’s various applications.

  • It is a Recent Development

VR has been optimizing since 1800’s even. Though, the technology is disclosed in 1962 with Sensorama which is developed by Ivan Sutherland to experience theatre and announced it as “Future of Cinema”. VR has been used in defense and astronaut training.

  • It is too Expensive

Google broke this myth by creating Google Cardboard VR headset. Today, the cost of the high-end headset is more than 1000$ and 15$ with features of a high-end headset.

  • VR is momentary or Ephemeral

More time, resource and experiments are implementing on Virtual reality to spread it all over the world. From applications to the personalized tools, it has a lot of scopes and we can customize this amazing technology to cater our needs.

  • It is same as 360 Degree

VR is a completely different concept than 360-degree videos. In 360 video, there is a live action taking place while in VR, we experience Digital environment. The videos in 360 degrees run on a timeline by camera movement. In VR, videos progress through a series of events or experience and control by the user.

Virtual Reality for Mobile App Development

Some developers are already exploring the technology and some are trying to get handy on it. The 3D touch in the app is frequently picked by many mobile app development companies and now they are meshing the concept with virtual reality to give completely different direction. The fitness apps are optimizing virtual reality to make people more engaging for exercises. Body weights and action games are some examples of it. Even the fitness equipment has utilized the technology in full VR workout to motivate athletes for hardcore training.

Let’s Wrap Up

Virtual reality has a potential to give oneself a business and impressive profits by investigating more on this technology. Our life is gradually changing with the help of this technology and we all are too comfortable to continuing its adoption in future.

Lokender is a Freelance Designer and Developer from Jaipur. He has experience working with WordPress, and also has an interest in SEO.

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