Top 10 Web Series in India

Thanks to the country’s online creators for creating amazing web-series in the past couple of years. Indian audience is changing, they demand more humorous and unique storyline. Web-series creators have done a marvelous job of presenting the amazing content, they have covered every subject in their shows, whether it is related to Middle class family or frustrated IT professionals or struggling small town boy. Here are best top 10 web series that we found quite interesting and watchable.


Bang Baja Barat

A love story of two people from different background decide to get married, but as per Indian customs with their parents’ blessings. They introduce their parents just three days before and hell breaks loose. This love tale makes you wait for the last episode.


Man’s world

A guy name Kiran fed up of society, how people give priority to women over men. One day he gets pissed off and prays to God to change him into women. As God says, be careful what you wish for. Well, this was something that has been seen by the viewers in other web series but this is much better. The cast has completely done justice to the life of the story which is humorous.


Sex Chat with Pappu and Papa

A comedy series with a better cause to educate different sex/sexuality related themes. In a pretty honest way. When you are presenting a show or a film that revolves around sex, it’s tough to make sure you don’t end up with vulgar content. That’s not the case here, and it is the part of this series. Well, actually this series has a new concept, but not best. It won’t entertain you, but it has responsible content, that’s why we have listed this web-series in Top 10.


The Aam Aadmi Family

This series is very cute and lovely story about common middle class Indian family. You can very much relate to all the characters. You can enjoy watching this super fun web series with your family and loved ones.


Life sahi hai

Life Sahi Hai is a story of 4 friends who share a flat and go through everyday problems of staying with roommates. Each episode has a unique concept and story, so the viewers don’t have to wait for a conclusion. It was supposed to be humorous, but it hardly cracks you up, because it puts the same story line of bachelors and their life of flat-sharing.


TVF Tripling

A story of a family reunion, Drama and hilarious trip to find themselves and relations. It is a combination of humor, sarcasm, emotional and best of situational comedy. The three lead characters share a great chemistry and complement each other really well. Dialogues are witty and delightful. Amol Parashar (playing Chitvan) has done a commendable job in this series. Sumeet Vyas (playing Chandan) has put excellence through his writing and acting.


Official Chukyagiri

Official Chukyagiri is about those students and professionals who come to metro cities for achieving future goals and get shocked when they are bullied by the established candidates. This series is filled with all emotions and struggle of small-town legend, who fights with dominating metro city locales.


Humorously Yours

Life of Vipul Goyal a stand up comedian, reveals drama behind comedy. It portrays the struggling life of a stand up comedian. Take a bow TVF, for presenting another impressive show.


TVF Pitchers

A story of 4 young entrepreneurs who wanted more from life and pursue their start-up venture. I would like to thank TVF for an excellent attempt to capture the real life of IT professionals in India who are aspiring for their startups. Direction is awesome and performances by all the actors do not make it boring experience. This web-series looks very polished with direction, acting and impressive background score.


TVF Permanent Roommates

We have ranked this show on first position in Top 10 Web Series list. This is about a funny couple, having a long distance relationship for 3 years, after coming back to marry. Filled with family dramas and difficulties. This web-series is one of the best and most sincere efforts brought by the finest young talents. The way the story is written makes it more lovable. A must watch for the young youths.


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