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The widescreen notebook is a cost-saving trick for manufacturers to affect work efficiency

The time of the end of June and the beginning of July is a period of hot sales of notebook products. This is the period when high school graduates step on the university campus. Many students want a notebook to enrich their university life. And at this time, various manufacturers have more or less profit discount activities. However, are these low-cost notebooks known as profit really as good as those dealers say? Can we really buy with confidence? Next, I will analyze a few low-price traps for you to help you buy.

Every year there will be ultra-low-cost laptops in the store. Now as the overall price of laptops has fallen, this ultra-low price is also going down. For most of the student friends who buy notebooks now, of course, the budget is ranked first, and everyone wants to buy the most suitable notebook product with the least money. But this is often because many merchants begin to use the user’s psychology to recommend some low-cost but not value-for-money notebooks. Next, I will give you a few of the most common low-cost tricks.

Trick 1—Low price does not mean high cost performance

Some users who buy notebook products are often concerned about the price of the product. Now the choice of notebook products below the price of 3,000 yuan has become more and more. Some product configurations and performance gaps will be significantly different. Some users Often only the purchase price is pursued, and it is believed that the low price must have a high cost performance. Businesses also tend to take this psychology of consumers into consideration and often recommend products with poor performance to consumers.

Purchase low-cost notebook products must first have a certain understanding of the product configuration, such as the main core components such as processors, graphics cards, try to choose the mainstream configuration, although some notebooks differ by hundreds of dollars, but the performance is very obvious Before buying, it is best for users to first understand some of the low-priced notebooks, and make adequate preparations so that they can avoid being fooled by profiteers.

Trick 2—Long-lasting laptop battery

Does not need to bring power when going out, the notebook can provide long battery life. Sometimes merchants will promote their own products for the characteristics of battery life. Battery life is indeed becoming the focus of more and more notebook computer consumers. The so-called 9-hour battery life of some notebooks is very attractive, but under what circumstances is the battery life. At present, among mainstream notebook products, products with a battery life of 9 hours are still rare. Here, 9 hours of battery life often refers to the standby time of the notebook. So 9 hours of inactivity, there is no meaning in this so-called battery life.
The price is less than 3,000 yuan, and the 9-hour battery life is claimed. The merchants completely exaggerate some of the characteristics of the product so as to deceive some consumers to buy the product. If users want to buy notebook products with long-lasting battery life, the first thing they must look at is the configured notebook battery capacity. The current mainstream 14-inch laptop is generally equipped with a battery with a capacity of about 50Wh, and the mainstream Intel platform processor. The general use time will be 4-6 hours.
Trick 3-Multiprocessor core

The quad-core processor only sells for 2999 yuan. Do you say that the value is not overvalued? When a consumer inquires about this ultra-low-cost notebook at 2999 yuan, the sales of the notebook will likely focus on the configuration of the quad-core processor. . Yes, the number of CPU cores is indeed an important factor affecting performance, but it is not a determinant of performance.
Obviously, the motivation behind laptop manufacturers pushing widescreen laptops is to save costs because the screen area of widescreen laptops has become smaller.

Due to different tasks, for some users, they may like widescreen. But for developers, widescreen is not suitable.

As we all know, small vertical space means fewer lines of code that can be displayed on the screen. This requires frequent scrolling of the screen, which reduces work efficiency.

Since notebook manufacturers are pushing widescreen out of their own interests, why not think about users?
A large number of CPU cores is indeed a selling point, but is the 2999 yuan quad-core notebook really a four-processor core and which brand of the quad-core processor? Be sure to pay more attention when buying. Although some processors have a large number of cores, the main frequency is lower, and their performance is not as good as that of ordinary dual-core processors. Therefore, users must pay attention to the configuration information when purchasing. Not only depends on the core of the processor but also refers to the processor’s main frequency and other parameters. In order to better let everyone know the performance of the current processor, the following is a ranking of the performance of mainstream notebook processor performance tests.


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