Six most powerful ways to make money online


Most powerful ways to make money online 

As the cost of living rises, more and more Malaysians are starting part-time jobs to earn extra cash. Making money online has become a popular way to earn some extra money and can even generate enough income to replace your daily work

Making money online is one of the most flexible ways to increase your income stream. You can do this anywhere, whether you are a full-time mom, a student or someone with a daily job, anyone has the opportunity to make

money online. As long as you have a laptop and internet connection, you can start making money online. Even better, you can make money not only from your own country, but also from people abroad. Therefore, even if you live in Malaysia, you can sell to people living in the United States, Britain, Australia, Singapore and other places, here are some ways to make money part-time on the Internet:

1  Online Business

Have you tried online shopping? In the 2020s, who hasn’t done online shopping? Instead of being a consumer, why not consider being a seller?


Online store is not difficult to set up

Can work anytime, anywhere

Your customer base is very large (can target domestic or foreign markets in Malaysia)

Be your own boss

Things to consider:

How much capital do you have

What product do you want to sell and what precise market are you targeting



Good supplier

How to accept and store inventory

Marketing (How to sell?)

In short, running an online store may seem easy, but it is as time-consuming and labor-intensive as opening a physical store. The good news is that with proper planning and execution, many people have succeeded in online stores.

2. Be a Dropship Agent

As a dropship agent. You don’t have to deal with the hoarding of goods and shipping. You are only responsible for the marketing piece. You are responsible for promoting your supplier’s goods. When the customer places an order, you place an order with the supplier. Then, the supplier sends the goods to your customers. Many general merchants, shopify, and shoppee take this approach.

3. Write a blog

It’s fairly easy to start a blog (blog), especially if you like writing. However, finding a suitable niche market, designing your blog, producing first-class content, and attracting people to your blog all require a lot of effort and time. This will be a difficult path, many people give up halfway through, especially for beginners. When your blog has a certain amount of traffic, you can use Google adsense or write a product review (paid review) for others.

3. Be a freelancer Freelancer

Make money online in Malaysia-freelancer

Becoming a Freelancer

To be a freelancer, of course, conditions are required. If you have some special talents, such as helping you design websites, graphic design, photography, picture modification, translation, writing. You can find freelance jobs on some online platforms. The more famous one in Malaysia is Favser. You can look upwork abroad to find your potential customers.

4. Be a Youtuber

If you often watch videos on YouTube, why not make some videos yourself? You can make all kinds of videos with different themes, youtube has no restrictions. You can unleash your creativity, you can try various types of video content, such as Vlog, tutorials, performances or short films. One of the most profitable foreign Youtubers is a 7-year-old child who unpacks toys every day. Of course, it is easy to be a youtuber, but it is not easy to be a successful youtuber, you need to master the skills of filming and the software of cutting.

5. Master Facebook marketing

Make money online in Malaysia-Little boss of FB internet marketing

If you often swipe the screen on Facebook, watch entertainment, gossip. Have you ever thought about it, some people make thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars every month on Facebook. Facebook is not just a social platform, but a platform that can make money. As long as you have a product (own, or take someone else’s product). Do a good job of marketing on Facebook, including live broadcast, advertising, and successfully sell the product. You have a chance to make money online.

6. Become a Grab driver

Finally, this has nothing to do with making money online. But it has something to do with digital. As we all know, taxi has been slowly replaced by electronic car calling. If you have a driver’s license and have a car, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a car (you can rent it with others), you can consider being a Grab driver. In addition to making money, you can also meet new people and build your network. Who knows, you may meet your future employer or the newest good friend! If you are diligent, I heard that a few thousand yuan per month is not difficult at all.


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