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10 Cool Google Products That Had Gone Way Too Far

On 4th October Google announced its wide range of flagship hardware series in the event. Google’s senior vice president of hardware Rick Osterloh started the event with introducing its second generation of Google-made hardware. Let’s check Top 10 ...

Best Earphones under Rs. 1000

Today we bring you Top 10 earphones under Rs. 1000. Nowadays many brands are competing with each other and new products are coming on line. Music is a powerful medium that has the ability to make us stress-free. In order to listen to music, you need ...

Best Gadgets under Rs. 1000

If you are tech geek or gadgets lover, then you might think about purchasing these cool gadgets, which are affordable and reliable. These listed gadgets can help you to enhance your lifestyle by doing cool sfuff. Some are made for smartphone and ...

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