Microsof Leaked next generation Xbox


Leaked Microsoft documentation hints at second-generation next-generation Xbox

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Microsoft has been planning a second, cheaper and more powerful next-generation Xbox console. Code-named Lockhart, it aims to adopt most of the next-generation key improvements in the Xbox Series X and offer prices for 1080p or 1440p games at a lower price.

Project Scarlett is the name that Microsoft originally used before officially naming its Xbox Series X console. Rumors suggest that under the broader plan of Scarlett, two next-generation consoles will be launched: Anaconda and Lockhart. Microsoft has etched a python snake on the Xbox Series X motherboard, but the company has never publicly discussed its Lockhart plan.

The leaked document also mentions Lockhart analysis mode. A source familiar with Microsoft’s Xbox plan told The Verge that this particular Lockhart mode is part of the Xbox Series X developer toolkit. The devkit, code-named Dante, allows game developers to enable a special Lockhart mode, which has a profile of the performance Microsoft wants to achieve on the second console. We understand that it includes 7.5GB of available RAM, a CPU speed slightly lower than the clock, and GPU performance of approximately 4 teraflops. The Xbox Series X includes 13.5GB of available RAM and targets 12 teraflops of GPU performance.

Developers will be able to use this Lockhart mode to test their games against this performance profile and conduct verification checks. Microsoft is expected to position its Lockhart console for 1080p or 1440p gaming, which are currently the two most popular resolutions used by PC gaming monitors. Although Microsoft did not recognize Lockhart, the code name can also be found in the company’s Xbox One operating system, which includes references to Anaconda and Dante. We know that the second next-generation Xbox console will be released with Xbox Series X, provided that Microsoft will not cancel it at the last minute. Lockhart is likely to be named “Xbox Series S”, which explains why Microsoft registered the “Xbox Series” trademark as a trademark.

The second Xbox console will be the key to Microsoft’s next-generation console pricing strategy. The company has promised to launch an Xbox All Access subscription for the Xbox series X. The bundle includes the console, Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass, which are paid monthly. “Xbox All Access is critical to our release for the Xbox Series X and the entire generation.” Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft Xbox, said in a keynote speech at Game Lab Live earlier this week.


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