Earn Money From Google Adsense


earn from Google adsense

Let’s take Google adsense as an example to explain the working principle of the advertising network.

Suppose we have a website (or just a webpage), and this website is watched by many people every day, then this website has a high advertising value.

There are usually two ways to convert this advertising value into income. One way is to sell the advertisement directly, just like a traditional newspaper, and put the advertiser’s information on your web page; or another way is to put Some locations on your website are leased to services such as adsense. Then, adsense will sell advertisements and put the information of different advertisers on your webpage. For this, you need to pay adsense a certain percentage of advertising.

Taking the above picture as an example, adsense connects a lot of people who want to advertise every day, and then they will put different advertisements in the same position of the website according to different viewers watching the website: for example, there are two A and B People with completely different interests are browsing the same webpage, so they may see two completely different ads in the corresponding ad slots.

Because adsense has this ability to identify viewers, the price of the ads may vary widely. For example, an advertisement that a local tyrant who can buy Rolls-Royce sees is not the same as an advertisement that can be seen by a cock who only wants to buy Coca-Cola. As a content provider, the advertising fees we receive will also vary due to the difference in the ability of the two viewers to pay (because Rolls-Royce’s advertising unit price may be higher than Coca-Cola’s advertising unit price).

The existence of the service such as Adsense is of the greatest significance in liberating the sales work of the media creators, especially when they are still in the relatively early stage of creating love for charging, so that they can concentrate on their sense of self. Interested content doesn’t even need to cater to the fun of the mass market. Because Adsense will help you find a market that fits your needs and sell targeted ads.

But on the other hand, because of the existence of this advertising alliance service, the threshold for making money is greatly reduced, so it also breeds a lot of piracy. For example, it is more common before that many people will download domestic videos. Upload it to a YouTube video abroad, and then when someone is in the process of video, they can receive Adesne’s advertising fee.

However, the situation in China is: China’s advertising alliance is still in a relatively preliminary stage, and it does not help creators to sell advertising services, so more original authors are still in a difficult living environment. , More for love to generate electricity, purely out of interest to produce content (such as my public account).



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