How To Select Best Domain Names


 good domain name is the first step to a successful website

Choosing a domain name is like choosing a name for a company. It is directly related to the establishment of a website’s brand image. A good name is easy to impress visitors, adding points to marketing. It is important for the success of the Internet business One ring.

Conversely, if the domain name of the website is not appropriate, you will miss a good opportunity to build a brand, and when you regret to change your name in the future, it will become very troublesome.

In addition to notifying everyone to switch to a new website, the previously hard-working Internet name has also been hit hard, which has a very negative impact on the website’s traffic and image.

When Afu was operating an affiliate marketing website, the number of domains he bought was more than 100 before and after, and some domain names were very impulsive. As a result, he regretted not using it after buying it, and let it lie for 1 year and expire automatically.

Although the price of buying a website is not high, it can be bought for about ten dollars (about $300 NTD). However, Afu hopes that everyone will not repeat the same mistake. Before buying a domain, you can refer to the following 11 methods. Just choose the domain name you like. The first step to successfully step out of a website or personal 

11 must-win tips for choosing a domain name

1. Keyword vs brand domain

Keyword domain names (EMD, Exact Match Domain) used to be very popular in the past, the reason is very simple, because it is very helpful for the keyword ranking of Google search engine. At that time, used this method in many ways. Name it.

Its method is very simple, as long as the keywords that want to rank are turned into domain names, the website has a great chance to squeeze into the first page of Google search.

Later, Google modified the ranking method, so this type of EMD website lost its original advantage. But despite this, the domain name containing keywords still has its value in Search Engine Optimization (SEO, Search Engine Optimization).

2. Prefer to use .com type URL

According to statistics , 67% of the websites in the world currently use .com type (TLD, Top Level Domain) domain names. That is to say, this type of domain is the most common in the world.

Websites ending in .com have no geographical restrictions. Whether it is used as an official website, affiliate marketing, or e-commerce shopping website, it can cope with both domestic and overseas markets.

And because of the popularity of .com, it often has the highest transaction price on domain name auction platforms such as Sedo and Flippa .

If you really can’t find your favorite .com domain name, you can also go back and start with .net and .org.

If your website’s customer base is limited to a certain country, and there is no plan to expand to other markets in the future, then choose a strong local URL, such as Taiwan’s .tw or Hong Kong’s .hk.

For some newer domain types, such as .xyz, .rocks, etc., it is recommended not to use it. Because they are not mainstream, it is difficult to cultivate the authority of the website.

3. Use the domain generator to find inspiration

Generally , domain registrars similar to GoDaddy will provide domain name query tools. In addition to facilitating customers to confirm whether the name has been registered, they will also list similar URLs for promotion. At this time, you may accidentally find a better The domain may also be.

In addition, you can also use free domain generators provided by third parties to help find inspiration. Useful ones are

Lean Domain Search and Domain Wheel .

This type of tool can quickly list dozens or even hundreds of unregistered domain names for you to choose based on your entered keywords.

4. Confirm that no one on social media uses the same name

If you are happy to buy the domain you want, it turns out that Facebook also has a fan page with the same name. This will cause recognition problems. It is not conducive to the development of the website brand.

Therefore, when choosing a domain name, it is best to spend some time to check Facebook, IG and YouTube and other popular social media, first confirm that no one uses the same name. To avoid future interference in marketing.

5. Consider using your own English name as the domain name

If you plan to become a master in a certain field, you can consider using your English name or pen name as a blog domain. Let you advertise yourself on the Internet, and quickly use the blog to build your own brand.

6. Find an outside helper to help get the name

In addition to asking relatives and friends to help you come up with ideas, you can also spend money to find experts to name you.

A cheap way is to spend $5 (TWD 150) on the Fiverr outsourcin g platform. Please ask an experienced expert to help you choose the domain. Through their professional creativity, there may be a very satisfactory harvest.

7. Use non-traditional channels to buy the desired domain name

Generally, buying domains will be purchased through traditional registrars like NameSilo . In fact, you can also directly purchase your favorite website through the domain name auction platform.

Well-known online shooting sites such as Sedo, Flippa, Godaddy Auction, etc. mentioned in the previous article.

Many of the domains in these auctions have been registered for many years, and some sites even have content on them. If you buy this type of mature domain, it will have a positive help in the future optimization of website ranking.

Another unconventional channel is to contact the webmaster directly to see if it can be bought directly.

Using these methods to buy a domain name will cost more, but to get a perfect name in mind, maybe this investment is worth it.

8. The domain is best to avoid the use of hyphens “-” and mixed numbers, which has just added an example of hyphens, just feels that the brand becomes less valuable, and it is easy to make mistakes when entering the URL. It causes loss of website traffic.

In addition, the mixed numbers in the website may be very common in the Chinese market (such as, ​​, but if your target customer group is in overseas markets, this is not popular in the West and other European and American countries. One set, recommended not to use.

In the same way, some English slang abbreviations (such as, are also rare.

9. The shorter the domain name, the better

Short domain names are generally registered more than 10 years ago. At present, the auction prices of many short domains are 6-digit TWD. Short URLs are easy to remember and not easy to make typos. When doing online marketing It will be much more convenient.

According to research , the length of a general domain is best maintained within 12 English letters. The blog you are currently viewing has only 8 letters.

In addition, choosing a name that is easy to remember and easy to pronounce will make it easy for visitors to leave a good first impression, and also has a positive effect on the promotion of the website.

10. Confirm that the domain name has no bad records before

Some websites may be improper content, or have used speculative network traffic operations (black hat backlinking) in the past, and have been exempted by Google.

This kind of website abandoned by the original owner, the domain name will also be negatively affected, which is not conducive to the future Google ranking of the website. So do not buy it.

11. Be careful not to infringe registered trademarks

Think about it, when the website has been in operation for some time, and when visitor traffic has gradually improved, I suddenly received a lawyer’s registered trademark infringement letter and asked to change the domain name immediately. Then will your loss be great.

Therefore, before registering a domain, it is best to find a channel to confirm that the name to be used does not have trademark infringement issues.


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