Bluetooth Speaker Buying Guide: 10 Tips for Best Wireless Speaker

Bluetooth Speakers are among one of the advanced wireless accessories. Earlier Bluetooth helps you to share files from one Mobile phone to other. In older times speakers were not that much advanced, but some of them have been perfected as portable Bluetooth speakers. Now we can listen to music using speakers anywhere anytime, the expensive ones Bluetooth speakers now also allows you to play history of music by just turning it on again. As you, if you want to take your music outside, you should buy outdoor Bluetooth speakers that have a rechargeable battery which gives you high amount power. If you’re a video lover, but you have to connect the speaker with the laptop or other devices using wires for surround sound, you got a large home then buy the speaker that can be easily converted into multi-room boom boxes.

You have plenty choices which are available in Bluetooth Speakers, I have mentioned everything you should know before you buy an amazing Bluetooth speaker. This buying guide to help you filter through various products and find the best wireless speaker. So, make yourself aware of the affordable Bluetooth speakers and which one will fit your needs and maintains your style statement.

Bluetooth Speaker Buying Guide


Audio Quality

Whether you want to listen more bass or you need more refined Audio, these functions for controlling your wireless speakers should be available with speaker’s control panel. However, these settings can be manipulated with the help of mobile’s music player. The crucial factor is the quality of streamed sound. There are tons of portable speakers in the market which are affordable with strong build quality but their audio quality sucks. So before buying perfect one, always compare its sound with other competitor devices.

Pair more speakers together

Now the listening experience with portable speakers is better because they can pair directly with each other and give you an unmatched sound. If you want to share audios in a group in an outdoor travel you would need them.

Inputs and Outputs of the speaker

Speakers have the aux input that can be used to connect mobiles, audio players or a TV. Nowadays these also charge other devices using the USB port. But if you have an optical digital audio input it can only connect to devices such as a Blu-ray/ DVD / CD players. Outputs will allow you to add a subwoofer when you’re watching videos on TV.

Portability And Durability

Portability and durability features provide extra limelight to the Bluetooth music device. Perfect Speaker must be dependent on rechargeable batteries rather than a dedicated power connection. Even though the wireless speakers which are at a very low price, should ensure durability. That means they need to be long-lasting. Before buying, it is important to look for its waterproof and shockproof feature and also see that whether it can be used in outdoor without any fear or not.

Hands-Free Speaker phone

Bluetooth speakers have, this feature lets you take phone calls on your speaker without taking out your phone from your pocket. Speakerphone feature gives you the convenience of taking calls from your phone, perfect option for conference calling and you won’t miss a call anytime. Speakers with this feature usually tell you and slow down the volume of audio streaming when the phone rings.

Ways to connect

Depending on the model, you may connect devices via USB, Bluetooth. The latest 9-pin Lightning connectors require a separately purchased adapter for many types of models.

Remote Control and Voice Recognition

Voice recognition is a better way to control the volume when you talk about comfort. A standard remote or an app on a smart audio device can provide you full control of your speaker from distance, some speakers also take voice commands and are called as smart speakers.

Powerful Battery Backup

You are not at home or a place where you can’t charge your phones, you can still charge your device by some portable speakers they easily convert themselves into power banks. Using the battery power of the speaker, a built-in USB port allows you to plug in your data cable to charge your device.

Water- and weather-resistance

Water- and weather-resistance: A wireless speaker should be chosen that it would survive the stormy weather, spilled drinks, and drops into puddles. We use it near your swimming pools, beaches and all our outings, the water, dirt resistant Bluetooth speaker helps you a lot in listening music wherever you go. Even the models are such quality built that they survive a dip into the water.

How and where will you use the speaker?

You want to be stay entertained at every time whether in a party or enjoying at home, relaxing in your own backyard. These Bluetooth speakers give you an ease to listen to music, watch movies, play games and more, whether you’re traveling, heading outside, or staying in.
Here are some places you use speakers and the type you should buy for those place.

  • OUTDOOR- A Waterproof or weather-resistant will be the best options
  • TRAVEL- Small and lightweight with a clip or handle to carry easily
  • HOME- You will need awesome sound quality and stylish appearance because it will be always seen by everyone

I hope, these tips can make your buying decision more easier. You can take help from this article too: TOP 10 Portable Speakers available in India.

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