Bitcoin Price Predictions from Experts

Bitcoin is the most profitable asset since past couple of years. All cryptocurrencies are rising exponentially. Leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin is the decentralization of banking with lower transaction fees. There are numerous speculations for Bitcoin around news and media, some are positive and some are negative. But no one can predict the exact behavior of Bitcoin and altcoins due to unregulated nature. After facing so many hurdles and difficulties, Bitcoin still managed to go beyond $2,000 price level in 2017. After splitting into two parts, Bitcoin price recovered speedily from $1,800 to $4,500. Bitcoin is not legal in India yet. But still, it is being traded at many Indian exchanges like Zebpay and Unocoin. Experts believe that Bitcoin price is driven by China and India. Many analysts have predicted future of Bitcoin couple of years ago, and some of those predictions went true. So Let’s take a closer look at 10 best and accurate Bitcoin predictions.


Alena Vranova

Alena Vranova, CEO of SatoshiLabs forecasted prices for 3 different scenarios. Let’s have a look on all three:
1. If no unexpected event happens and the adoption continues to grow at current speed, then the prices would reach up to $2,000 per bitcoin.
2. If some country legalize it or some technology comes into Bitcoin then the price may rise even faster and estimate would be anything from $5k to $10k. China, Russia, India, and Africa have a strong potential to be a game changer.
3. If negativity like volatility or restrictive legislation, arrive for Bitcoin then the price may crash to just $50 per BTC.


Vinny Linghm

Vinny Lingham forecasted that Bitcoin price could hit $3,000 in 2017. Vinny is co-founder & CEO of blockchain identity startup Civic. Lingham suggested 3 major reasons for price rise. Rising venture capital investments in blockchain technology, Huge number of BTC acceptance and the limited supply of Bitcoin. Vinny has the strong belief in Bitcoin and doesn’t consider Ethereum as biggest competitor of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is better money, deflationary & scarce. Ether is not really money, inflationary & abundant. The flippening makes no sense.

Vinny Lingham


Aurelien Manant

CEO of Gatecoin, Aurelien Menant believes that Bitcoin could hit $6,000 very soon. Menant considered Bitcoin Scaling as a crucial key point for price surge. “There is a lot of fresh liquidity flowing into bitcoin, thanks to a surge in interest among investors in Asia, notably Japan and Korea, coupled with a resolution to the scaling debate. I would not be surprised to see the Bitcoin price doubling again to around $6000 by the end of the year” Menant said.



As Bitcoin and the Bitcoin community grows, countries and jurisdictions will continue to regulate Bitcoin. This is a sign of Bitcoin maturing, and this is not a bad thing. If cryptocurrencies want to be accepted by the society they need some clarity and context within the current currency laws.

Adrian, Founder of SatoshiBet


Bobby Lee

Bobby Lee, The CEO of BTCC has predicted Bitcoin’s price somewhere between $5k-$11k by 2020 after the block reward halving. BTCC is popular Bitcoin exchange and mining pool of China. He released this prediction on Twitter. He expressed Chinese love for bitcoins and also indicated Bitcoin mining in China. Bobby got into BTC early through his brother, Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, termed as “digital silver.”


Kay Van-Petersen

According to Kay Van-Petersen, Bitcoin could hit over $100,000 by 2027. Van-Petersen is an analyst at Saxo Bank. In past, He had previously predicted the cryptocurrency at $2,000. He believes that $176 billion worth of BTC would be traded daily in 2027. By his calculations, there should be approximately 17 million bitcoins in circulation by 2027. If you divide that 17 million Bitcoin quantity by a market cap of $1.7 trillion, one Bitcoin would cost around $100,000.

This is not a fad; cryptocurrencies are here to stay. There will emerge two to three main ones. Bitcoin will be one of those. And the reason is the first-mover advantage, the scale and the pioneering



Daniel Masters

Daniel Masters, the co-founder of Global Advisors, predicted that the Bitcoin price could hit as high as $4,400 in 2017. This prediction came true in August 2017. He believed that Bitcoin adoption will continue to increase, and more companies will accept it as a payment option. Daniel considered China’s influence on bitcoin as a strong point.


Ronnie Moas

Ronnie predicted that bitcoin will hit at $5000, But later in August, He shifted his forecast with two new predictions. He predicts $7,500 by next year and $50,000 in 2027 with 28 percent annual compounded growth rate. Ronnie Moas is the founder of Standpoint Research. In July, Moas said the $5k price tag could happen sooner rather than later in 2017. The current price of Bitcoin is around $4k after hard-forking. Moas’s statement about $5,000 price forecast seems to be true.

People should understand they’re not dealing with the NYSE right now. There’s no regulation, there’s no face that you can attach to these exchanges.

Ronnie Moas


Tim Draper

In 2014, famous venture capital investor Tim Draper forecasted that the price of 1 Bitcoin will hit $10,000 by 2018. You can read full article here. According to Tim, both BTC exchange and Blockchain markets are at early stages. He termed Bitcoin as “Digital Gold”. Bitcoin could be a great capital generator tool for startups. Tim Draper won 30,000 bitcoins in a bold bet 3 years ago. Today, those 30,000 bitcoins are worth around $70 million. We will see a lot of booms and busts on the way to 10k.

I guess the markets aren’t seeing what I am seeing. An entire economy is being rebuilt. I have a price target of $10,000 in three years. Even that may be pessimistic.

Tim Draper


Goldman Sachs

An analyst for investment bank Goldman Sachs said that the price of Bitcoin could reach as high as $4,800 in August 2017. In July 2017, one Bitcoin was equivalent to $2600, She predicted that BTC’s price could reach to $3,691. That forecast came true and now She has set a new target at $4,800. She also mentioned that after achieving mentioned target, Bitcoin rate may go down.

Experts are concerned about the future of Bitcoin on some points like regulatory, technical and security issues. But still, in the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin is far and away the market leader. It is in top position by virtue of being the most trusted cryptocurrency ever. Some companies are investing a huge amount of money in blockchain technology. If you are looking to add bitcoins in your asset values, You can either do mining or purchase from popular exchanges. In India, someone can buy Bitcoin from Zebpay easily.

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