Best Productive Apps for smartphone

Wherever we go, We take our cell phones. So with the help of its apps, people want to use most of their time efficiently. Whether they read something or work remotely. So from a powerful password manager to efficient tasklist, We have listed most loved profitability applications for smartphone.



Airdroid is best screen mirror app in android store because it not only supports many functionalities it is also robust and error free for any android upgrade. It shares your mobile screen into your PC or vice-versa, we can mirror applications and share files painlessly. It has many advance features which are available in paid app and for some features it requires root permission.


TeamViewer for Remote Control

TeamViewer for Remote Control is an app that works with TeamViewer and lets you view and control your desktop from your mobile device. This is extremely handy, especially if you forgot to upload that presentation to your Google Drive or OneDrive this morning before work. On top of file management, you can also beam into other people’s computers to help them out or fix something. It supports full keyboard functionality, multi-monitor setups, and it’s free (at least for personal use).


CloudMagic Email

As digitization increase more accounts are bringing created and making them organized is getting difficult. Cloud Magic is a solution to them as it supports a wide range of email accounts, Including Exchange account. It has many plugins, different kind of sync settings. It has multi device support with instant access to all your emails in one place.



If you want all the functionality of different calendar apps in a single app, then you should try SolCalender, everything that you can imagine for calendar in one place with to-do list and weather updates.



In this vast world there are different kinds of users with different requirements, so these requirements can only fulfilled if they remember all on perfect time, so to bring all you to-do in one place with more visual approach we bought you DropTask. It’s wide adaptability of devices collaboration feature brings it more innovative app. We can even track progress across different tasks for different people. In free app you can have five projects, with unlimited tasks and groups.



Trello, my favorite task scheduler with multiple profiles and beautiful design. If you handle multiple projects and assign different task, it can be easily achieved by Trello. It is an automation that fits into your pocket and set your priorities with colored labels. Every information is saved as card. Each car contains labels, members and other extra information, simple and attractive and best thing you can assess from the web too.



Pushbullet app is created for those who switch devices frequently. It can sync devices and share files among them in seconds, not only files you can mirror the notification and reply to them directly from your desktop or mobile. It is free but if you want to transfer large amount of data than you need to pay for it.



If you are not familiar with IFTTT than you’re in for upgrade – It’s a single productivity app with all apps feature that can automate your life from office to home. IFTTT use to mention tasks as ‘recipes’ but are now called ‘applets’ instead. It can sync your daily life with “IF…THAN…” conditions. Turn off your WiFi when you leave any location or auto post your feeds at a particular time, control your smart home with this easy sync at thing with different service providers and many more.


Dashlane Password Manager

The Dashlane Password manager is an application where you can store all your credentials and related information at single place. You may find many apps, similar to dashlane but why it comes at this position is because it hasn’t been hacked since and has high security measures. The best feature of this app is auto login. With this the saved credentials in dashlane help us to log in that page directly without inputting password or username for that web page It is safe, easy, highly secure and best of all its free. We can sync it with different devices and can access the credentials we want.


Now Remember your tasks and chores with this interactive and productive app having almost every option to make your life a lot simpler, it has to-do list, notes, reminders and the ability to assign tasks to others and share it. The App lets users sync on any platform, even your smart watch in a minute. The calendar is integrated for better listing and task management. Further enhance your productivity with cross-platform support for sub-tasks, notes, and file attachments. Choose any mode from advanced features with premium version or the free version.

Lokender is a Freelance Designer and Developer from Jaipur. He has experience working with WordPress, and also has an interest in SEO.

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