Best Freelance websites to find work

Freelancing is a great way to earn money for those, who are looking for passive income sources. In the past 3-4 years, this industry has grown rapidly. If you have skills, then it is a lot easier to use those skills to earn extra income. Before starting freelance career, you need to establish a good portfolio, but there are tons of sites, and choosing the best one is a difficult task. Each site has different commission rate. As a freelancer, you will consider the most reliable in features and secure in payment system on freelance site. So we have listed the best freelance websites which are really reliable and helpful for finding work easily.

Craiglist is not only site for selling or buying something, but also good marketplace for freelancing gigs. It is location based search engine for finding freelancers. As a freelancer, someone can find jobs easily in nearby cities.

On this platform, as a freelancer, you can find work over 24 countries in 12 different languages. Whether you are a finance expert or a graphics designer, there will be a client for you. The website includes a blog with hiring tips as well a location-based search.

This freelance site features more than 3 million services ranging from designing, writing, development and marketing. To get start with it, freelancer need to create profile, then they can apply for daily jobs. It takes out 8.95% commission on each earning.

This company was founded in 2012. This platform connects designers and developers to business owners, then handle their contracts. For each project posting, Crew finds 3 freelancers, which includes designer and developer. This process is something unique than traditional bidding process. You need to get approved to start getting projects. Crew claims that they approve only 1 out of 99 applications.

It is a great place for designers to search freelance jobs. It works in different manner than other freelance sites. If any buyer needs design, then he will post a competition, Freelancers participate by submitting their design idea. Best one will take away the prize money. It is like an online hackathon for designers. So if someone has interest in designing, then this could be the best platform.

Main concept of this website is that, one can start a project for $5 only. Freelancers need to create gigs on their portfolio, which will be ranked according to performance. Fiverr eats 20% commission of earning, which is huge factor. Although, Fiverr is popular and easy to use for all kinds of jobs. You can join Fiverr by clicking here.

This UK based company was founded in 2007. This is popular among small business owners. This platform charges 3.5% commission on each job’s earning. One can find all kind of jobs types ranging from designing, marketing and development.

This is one of the best well known networks for freelancing jobs. It was founded in 2009, and considered as popular platform among both employers and freelancers. Freelancer charges 10% commission on freelancers earnings. This charge is reduced on paid membership. Like Upwork, this also offers a wide range of categories for jobs.

Elance and oDesk got merged and formed Upwork company. All kinds of jobs can be posted on this platform. Joining and getting approved is easier than Toptal’s process. Upwork works on bidding system. A bid is placed on job posting, then the best bid takes that job. To encourage the freelancers, badges and awards are placed on profile on the basis of performance.

Toptal has been listed as the fastest growing talent marketplace in 2015. Jobs on Toptal are available only for developers, designers and finance experts. This platform accepts only 3% of the top developers from the market to make a success of any work. To get approval, one should pass 4 important rounds. If you are beginner, then Toptal is not the right one for you.

Apart from these listed sites, still there are other options like Krop, EngineerBabu, Envato and Croogster. We would like to know your opinions about these best Freelance websites? Do share your thoughts and experience below.

Lokender is a Freelance Designer and Developer from Jaipur. He has experience working with WordPress, and also has an interest in SEO.

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