Best Earphones under Rs. 1000

Today we bring you Top 10 earphones under Rs. 1000. Nowadays many brands are competing with each other and new products are coming on line. Music is a powerful medium that has the ability to make us stress-free. In order to listen to music, you need good speakers. If we talk about music during the commute, then good Earphones is necessary. Here, we have listed some best earphones with great bass and clarity. We have provided detailed product information to easily compare and select.


Asus AHSU001

Asus AHSU001 is one of the best in-ear headphones under Rs. 1000. These earphones are designed for perfect fit and are quite comfortable. Starting with Bass, it is really cool and it could take all the bass I could throw on it. Mids and treble are crystal clear and sounded as good as or better than other earphones. The earphones deliver awesome sound. The build quality looks cheap, but it is not.

Superb BASS

  • 2 extra eartips
  • Build quality is good

  • 6 months warranty


House of Marley Smile Jamaica EM-JE041-SB

The House of Marley EM-JE041-SB can be considered best earphones with mic under 1000. The headset comes with noise-isolating earbuds, which provides clean and crisp sound with real bass. The earphones are comfortable and lightweight. The inbuilt microphone is impressive. This headset comes with tangle-free threaded cable.

Best Design

  • 2 years warranty
  • 18 grams of weight
  • Tangle free wire

  • Only one extra eartip


Philips SHE3200

Philips SHE3200’s sound is clear, crisp, with noticeable but not impressive bass and treble. These are perfect for hearing the vocals but bass will be bitterly disappointed with the CLR-100.

Cheap in Price, Good in reviews

  • Neodymium Magnet
  • Copper Cable
  • Ear-bud design to fit perfectly
  • Rich Bass at low cost

  • High Impedence
  • Small cord length
  • No microphone



The JBL C150SI delivers superior music with good bass accompanied with JBL premium quality sound. JBL C150SI is available in 3 colour variants namely black, white and red. You can just pop these earphones and go for a walk or just casually listen to music. The treble and the sound quality is nice and gives an above average music experience. It supports inbuilt microphone also for making calls.

Decent Performance

  • Balanced Treble and Bass
  • Mic Support

  • Position of the Controller


Sony MDR-EX150

Sony MDR EX150 is one of the best headsets in this budget. The best feature in this headset is the noise cancellation. You can not hear 99.9% of the outside noise. so, you can listen to your music without any disturbance. This device is lightweight. These earphones deliver amazing sound quality, and the bass is top class. The chord is not tangle-free.

Clarity at its best

  • Vibrant colors like black, white, pink, red and yellow
  • Good Bass and treble

  • No tangle free chord
  • Higher Price


Audio Technica ATH-CLR100BK

Philips SHE3200 deliver what it promise. It has rich Bass with good sound quality.
It is very light weight and fits very good in ears and doesn’t hurt your ears.It has flat cable which is nearly tangled free. It delivers very impressive BASS with ample highs and mids for an overall sound experience. Bass is really what these earphones are made for.

Good for Bass lover

  • Compact Design
  • Comes with a carry case which is in handy always
  • L shape 3.5mm jack

  • Wire tangles easily


Sennheiser CX 180 Street II

Sennheiser CX 180 Street II is most popular below Rs 1000 price range. Because of its noise cancellation feature, you can enjoy music without disturbance. This headset comes with 2 years of warranty, which is good for rough users. Its impressive lightweight design makes it comfortable for hours of entertainment. You will enjoy the bass and it will not affect your earphone even you listen to songs at the highest volume. You could listen to each and every bit and strings of the music crystal clearly. But the chord is not tangle-free.

Crystal Clear sound quality

  • Light Weight
  • Decent Bass
  • Crispy Sound

  • Not for Bass lover



Being from the JBL family, JBL C100SI is one of the best earphones and it will not disappoint you. It’s ear tips are very comfortable to your ears. The headset comes with 3 sets ear tips of different sizes(S, M, L). Because of its flat wire, it can be tangled. It comes with an inbuilt microphone, which sounds average. Sound quality and bass are noticeable.

Brand Value

  • Frequency range is 20 to 20000KHz
  • 3 earbuds are provided
  • Comfortable in ear

  • Not tangle free
  • A carrying case is not provided


1MORE PISTON FIT Premium In-Ear With Mic

1More is the new brand for Indian users. It provides premium quality earphone at the decent price. This stylish earphone delivers crispy sound with great comfort. Piston Fit comes with one button mic for calls and playback control. It supports noise cancellation too. So this product is value for money.

Imrpressive product

  • Good bass
  • Good Wire Quality
  • Mic Support

  • Brand Reliablity


Sennheiser CX213

Sennheiser CX213 is the best earphone under Rs. 1000. This device delivers powerful bass and wonderful treble in stereo. Ambient noise is considerably reduced as well. This earphone has better build quality than its predecessor CX180. Its lightweight design makes it very comfortable to wear. It does not have noise isolation but the sound quality is really awesome, with deep bass.

Best Product

  • Good bass
  • Vibrant colors blue, black, pink and white
  • Sweat proof

  • No microphone

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  1. Super Bai Jaan i bought 1More Piston earphones and these are the best thanks for such a great post 🙂

  2. With headphones there’s no one-size-fits-all, different people have different preferences here our rankings are base solely on the audio quality not the build quality or the presence of a microphone or anything else for that matter if you want good mic and build quality then JBL T150A at the top, if you are not a fan of bass and just one crystal clear vocals I will suggest the audio technica ATH-CLR-100

  3. best head phone, i like Sennheiser CX213 Earphone Blue , Try Me.

  4. This article really help me to find a good headphone. You can check out more headphones and earphone available under Rs.1000

  5. Thanks for this article. I was looking for a new earphones and after reading this article, it will be easy for me to purchase. Thank you again.

  6. From last week I am searching for a great list made on earphones under 1000. Finally, I got your website and it really provides a great knowledge of each earphone you have mentioned.

  7. 1more Piston Fit is the best earphone. I ma using since 3 months. Awesome sound quality

  8. Is there any difference between black and blue?? Of sennheiser CX 213

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