Best Bluetooth Speakers under Rs. 4,000

True Wireless Speakers are the new must-have piece of gizmos for Gen-Z. May it be the gym, jamming with friends, or even having a relaxing ‘Me Time’, an excellent wireless speaker would be there to make your time even more worthwhile. So, if you are looking for a good True Bluetooth Speaker within a budget of 4,000 rupees, is here to help you. 

We have made a list of THE BEST Wireless Speakers that you can purchase right now. To maintain quality, we make sure that each product on this list doesn’t disappoint anyone; that is why we have set specific standards. These include good reviews, excellent battery life, and also, good sound quality. Further, all of the wireless speakers in this list are branded, so, you can trust them by the brand value itself. 

Here are our picks of the best True Wireless Speakers under 4,000 rupees:


JBL Go2 Plus

Bluetooth Speaker

JBL Go2 Plus Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Mic (Black)

The JBL GO2 is an ultra-compact portable Bluetooth speaker. Stream music via Bluetooth for up to 5 hours of JBL quality sound. Make a splash with its IPX7 waterproof design. ...
Rs. 2,250

Speaking of audio, how can we not mention JBL? It is one of the most renowned speakers brands out there. So what’s better than starting our list with JBL itself? The JBL Go2 Plus Bluetooth speaker flaunts its steady body at number 5 of our list. Its minimal, yet impactful JBL looks make it a real eye magnet. Of course, it delivers quality sound and bass experience, and IPX7 ‘Waterproof’ rating makes it even sweeter. 

The JBL Go2 Plus has a reliable soft-touch build quality and small design, which makes it easier to carry around. Further, it has a built-in Mic, which can help you with calls, etc. as well. As far as the battery is concerned, the company claims that the Go2 Plus will last as long as five hours! 

Cons: The speaker is not really loud. It would do fine in a medium room, and even around a few people, but the sound is still comparatively low. Also, the bass quality on the JBL Go2 Pro is slightly lower than you would expect. The battery generally lies in ‘average to good’ region. 

Other than that, JBL Go2 Pro is 7/10 recommended. 

The current price for this speaker sits at about 2,000 rupees, but you can get it at lower costs due to the ongoing sales.


Panasonic Portable

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Panasonic Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with 2 Powerful 50mm Driver Unit, 10W Stereo Sound and up-to 8 Hours Playback (SC-NA07GW-R)

10W (RMS) BT, AUX input, LED indicator, auto-off function, easy control buttons, long battery life up-to 8 hours, low battery warning, when battery is low, 2 powerful 50mm driver ...
Rs. 3,490

Speaking of audio, how can we not mention JBL? It is one of the most renowned speakers brands out there. So what’s better than starting our list with JBL itself? The JBL Go2 Plus Bluetooth speaker flaunts its steady body at number 5 of our list. Its minimal, yet impactful JBL looks make it a real eye magnet. Of course, it delivers quality sound and bass experience, and IPX7 ‘Waterproof’ rating makes it even sweeter. 

The Japanese tech company Panasonic has kept up its reputation as a brand which provides quality products. Further, their sound department is known to do exceptionally well. So Panasonic Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker has the spot of #4 at our best wireless speakers list. With 50 mm Double Driver Unit, the sound you will get off this speaker is phenomenal. Not only loud but exceptionally clear as well! 

This minimal looking wireless speaker is going to juice out after eight long hours of playback! With such specs and a plastic body with a rubber finish, the speaker weighs just a bit over 400 grams. 

Cons: Due to its flat size and the dual-driver unit the unit is big, and hence, it becomes a little hard to carry around. This deducts some points in the portability department, that why it is 7.5/10 recommended.

You can score your hands-on Panasonic Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker by paying around 2,500 rupees. Again, you can get it for lower prices, with various deals.


boAt Stone 1400 Mini

Bluetooth Speaker

boAt Stone 1400 Mini 18W Bluetooth Speaker(Active Black)

Immerse in Nirvana with boAt Stone 1400 Mini portable wireless speaker. The speaker comes equipped with latest Bluetooth v4.2 for optimum wireless connectivity. The powerful ...
Rs. 3,499

boAt is a rising brand in the headphones and speakers segment. Clearly, the brand has received great appreciation for its quality products and genuine pricing. With the same reasons, boAt Stone 1400 Mini is our #3 on Best Wireless Speakers list. This IPX5 rated Water and Splash Resistant speaker comes with multiple connectivity modes, its biggest perk. It means you can simultaneously connect it with your laptop to play audio and your phone for calls at the same time. 

With its 2,000mAh battery, the boAt Stone Mini will last as long as six hours with you. This one has the highest bass that any of the previously mentioned speakers. That is why it secured a respectable #3 on the list.

Cons: This speaker is heavy. Instead, it is the heaviest speaker on this list. It weighs about 1.21 Kilograms, and it kills its portability. Further, due to higher bass and louder sound, you won’t be able to get high battery life as you would expect it to be. Considering everything, boAt Stone 1400 Mini is 7.9/10 recommended. 


JBL Clip 3

Bluetooth Speaker

JBL Clip 3 Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Mic (Red)

Clip and Play Like no other, the JBL Clip 3 is a unique ultra-portable, ultra-rugged and waterproof Bluetooth speaker that is small in size but with surprisingly big sound. The ...

JBL makes a return at our list, and this time, the brand secures the place of runner up. JBL Clip 3 is a representation of everything you would need from a True Wireless Speaker. Good Battery Backup, Ultimate Portability, Light Weight design, and most importantly, good sound quality – JBL Clip 3 has everything. The speaker has an IPX7 Waterproof rating, and after a full charge, you would need at least ten hours to drain it completely. 

It comes with the sturdy looks of our JBL and further, a signature ‘clip’ for better portability. It is an improved version of our number 5, with better sound quality, higher bass, improved water protection and durability. Moreover, it comes in funky colour schemes like Camo to make you shine.

Cons: The only reason why the JBL Clip is not on the top of the list is its charging time. You need to wait for three long hours before you can fully charge the device! That is a real downer, as you can put that much time in it! Other than that the Clip 3 from JBL is 8.3/10 recommended. 


Sony SRS-XB12

Bluetooth Speaker
  • Battery Life
  • IP67 Rating
  • Bit Expensive

Sony is the champion of our list. The company gives a hard time to competitors in the Cameras, Speakers and Consoles division, and the SRS-XB12 is an excellent justification for the same. With an IP67 Rating, compact and portable design, built-in high-quality mic, dust and rustproof material, Sony level of sound and phenomenally 16 hours long battery life, the Sony SRS-XB12  is the clear winner. Drop it in water, you won’t even note the slightest damage. 

All these features, at a negligible weight of 270 grams is nothing else but sheer quality. You can attach a strap (shipped with the packaging) for extra portability. Further, you won’t have any complaint with sound and bass. This product is 9.2/10 recommended by us. 

The prices of all the devices may fluctuate, and you can get them for much lower prices in sales.

So this is the end of our list “Best Bluetooth Speakers under 4000”. We hope we were able to showcase the priorities you must have for an excellent wireless speaker, and we also hope that we were able to show some good options to you. 

Do let us know in the comments if you liked the list. What should the next list be based on? Please send us your suggestions. Keep visiting Top10Wise for more such content!

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