10 things to know about iPhone 8

iPhone is going to celebrate its 10th anniversary and Apple is going to launch upcoming iPhone in completely new design. There are various leaks, rumors buzzing around the news. We still don’t know whether it will be named iPhone 8 or iPhone X. Apple’s biggest competitor has redesigned Galaxy Note, now apple must be feeling pressure. Let’s have a look on all rumors and leaks about upcoming flagship phone by Apple.

Iris scanning technology

Reports don’t clarify that if Apple is using infrared for just as iris scanner or it scans the whole face. Samsung has implemented iris scanner in such way that it works perfectly and adds more security to the device. The face recognition system even has code name: Pearl ID.


Depth changing ability

Apple is exploring is the ability to take a picture and then change the particular objects in the picture later. It can be done with the help of rear facing 3D laser system. But still, developers haven’t found any proof of a rear-mounted sensor. But we can speculate from below tweets that front-facing infrared camera might have a role to play in augmented reality.


Augmented Reality technology adoption

iOS 11 introduced ARKit framework, which will be capable to create augmented reality experiences. Apple will be adding 3D laser along with the rear camera, which will help with AR apps. It will also improve depth calculation in rear-camera photography.


Complex status bar

Rumors claim that status bar on the upcoming iPhone may have some significant upgrades. New status bar may have bisected. Two tiny sections of status might be complex for traditional users.


Fast processor

A quad-core 11 processor inside the iPhone 8 is going to be a powerhouse. Upcoming iPhone may come with expanded 4 RAM than its predecessor. A11 chipset will be based on a 10-nanometer FinFET process built by TSMC. It can give a huge competition to fastest phones like Galaxy Note and OnePlus 5.


No placement for Touch ID sensor?

If designers have to remove the bottom bezel, there Touch ID sensor will have to be changed or removed to accomplish that. To enhance security, Apple is already planning to launch Iris scanner. Does this mean that there won’t be any fingerprint scanner? Well, we have to wait till launch event.


Edge to edge screen

All the past iPhone models had thick borders with the low screen to body ratio. But new iPhone gonna have the bezel-free look, OLED screen will make it sexier in appearance.

Wireless Charging

Finally, Apple is going to implement this feature in the upcoming model. The wireless charger would be sold separately. Wireless (Inductive) charger absorbs electrical energy through specialized charging pads, which can charge device quickly and conveniently. To use this feature, you might have to wait a little bit, This feature might be delayed until iOS 11.1 upgrade.

No Home button

There will not be any room for the home button on front panel. There could be a virtual home button, which could appear on the screen when needed. If this turns out to be true, then screen size would be expanded.


Glass body

According to rumors, the iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus, and iPhone 8 will feature reinforced glass bodies with either aluminum or stainless steel around the edges of the phone. Stainless steel is said to be reserved for the more expensive models.

There are still some rumors left like gigabit LTE, enhanced waterproofing, mood lighting and resonant inductive coupling. Let’s see how many of these turn out to be true. We would like to know your opinions, which feature seems to be most exciting one? Please write below and share your experience.


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