10 Secrets to Improve your Resume

A perfect resume can help someone to build an impression in the interview. An effective resume provides valuable information within the 30 seconds to the employer. On the basis of a resume, the employer can analyze the ability of the candidate. So don’t underestimate the vital role of resume in professional life. To write an impactful resume, There are several key factors to be considered eg. the layout of resume, words, resume titles. Best resume writing tips can help you to achieve this. To improve your resume, we have compiled 10 secrets to master The skills Of Resume Writing.

Top 10 Resume Writing Tips

No Misspellings or grammatical Errors

A large number of employers said that they would turn down a candidate due to the poor grammar after reading a resume. Hiring managers believe that grammatical errors indicate about lack of education and lack of care. Recruiters want to hire the best applicant, so candidates should be aware of all the used words on a resume. With modern technology it isn’t difficult to do proofread, you can simply use Grammarly to fix grammatical and spelling errors.

Number of Pages

To make your resume effective, it should be either one page or two full pages. It should not be 1.5 half pages or more than 2 pages. Don’t write your entire job experiences in lengthy paragraphs. Before writing a resume, just make sure that it doesn’t cover more than two pages. Recruiters consider lengthy resume as a stupid thing. One page resume is sufficient for the interviewers.

Show your Passion

Writing hobbies and interests on your resume will say something specific about you to the employers. It shows that you are able to develop skills and share them with others. Employers believe that a person with hobbies and passions can be more interesting and innovative.
5 examples of hobbies & interests on a resume:

  • Solving Puzzles – shows your analytics skills
  • Marathon Running – shows your dedication towards fitness
  • Basketball – shows your excel at teamwork
  • Motocross – A risk taker
  • Chess – shows you are an intelligent strategist

Write towards the Future

Your past work experience should not read like a job description. Express it you added value in performing your duties at every company you list. It should not just be a list of tasks. It will show your professionalism, dedication, and productivity for that company. Employers will get to know about benefits of hiring you. So it becomes easier for you to make a strong impression.

Be Honest

Your resume should not contain any information that is false and exaggerated. Always write a truth in a resume. Some time HR departments do background checks, and if you are buster it might damage your impression. You should always double check dates and key information on the resume.

Proper Layout

You are not required to insert borders, color, fancy icons or pictures. You should try to complete your resume in one page. In case you have many job experience so don’t feel vacillate to write them down. Leave sufficient margin so that the resume doesn’t look congested. The default margin is usually 1” from all page borders. If the content spills over to the next page, consider adjusting the top and bottom margin slightly lesser .8”. Try to divide content into these four sections, which are listed below. Don’t forget to make each section heading stand out by bolding it and making it in capital letters.

  1. Summary of Qualifications
  2. Education and Certifications
  3. Work Experience
  4. Technical Skills

5 keywords rule

While writing the resume, it should include at least 5 keywords from the job description. It will show motive of your resume. Recruiters want to know why you are interested in the particular position you are applying for. To use keywords, You need to study the job posting or internship and apply the keywords used in the posting to your resume.

Positive action verbs

You can write job description using bullet points. Each bullet should start with a positive action verb. We have listed some impactful verbs for resume writing. To get the full list of verbs, you can visit this link.
Example: You’re a manager.
Action verbs: Orchestrated, collaborated, delegated, chaired, programmed, operated, commissioned, advised, headed, established

Name your resume

If you are sending resume through the mail, then you should rename your document. HR department receives thousands of applications so give your document a name that makes it easy for employers to find. You can name your document as FirstName-LastName-Month-Year.pdf, It will be easier for them to find your updated resume.

Don’t write objective

If you are a college student and seeking for an entry level job and you generally do not have enough work experience, then you don’t need to include an objective statement on your resume. If you still want to include, go with a summary that reflects your experience, and not just a list of your strengths.

If you want to write an effective and attractive resume, you must read the above easy tips. If your resume is ready and looking for job, then you can apply on these 10 Best Job Search Websites. Please don’t forget to write in the comments section below.


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